For almost twenty years K.A.C. Group is a specialized company in the field of tax consulting and corporate law. It is composed of: “Kyiv Audit Service”, Law Firm “Prime”, “Finexpert” Company.


In the company’s constant operation business cycle of “Earned - Saved – Invested” the “Saved” element is one of the most importand under the current circumstances since “Saved” is “Earned”. Domestic entrepreneurs often believe reasonably that  they know better than anybody else the principle “to earn” and “to invest” in their business. But they still reffer the issues of the earnings protection to the professionals.


The company’s specialisation provided for its membership in the national and foreign professional organizations: The Union of Auditors of Ukraine, The Union of Lawyers of Ukraine, The Ukrainian Bar Association (UBA), The Federation of Professional Accountants and Auditors of Ukraine, The Association of Tax Consultants of Ukraine, The Ukrainian Society of Appraisers, The Offshore Institute, The Institute for Fiscal Studies, NEXIA International and others that allows receiving promptly and using in work the modern techniques and current information on changes in the tax and corporate law both  in Ukraine and abroad.


The clearly defined specialization requires the company’s continuously improve their qualifications and skills.

We do not strive to become the largest accounting or law firm, we strive to become the best in our field.

Latest news

China and Georgia signed a free trade agreement (FTA), which will eliminate the majority of tariffs on trade between the two countries. The Free Trade Agreement was signed on May 14 and is the first FTA signed between China and the Eurasian state. It is expected that it will enter into force early next year. Under the terms of the agreement, Georgia will cancel tariffs for 96.5 percent of tariff lines for five years, and China will eliminate tariffs for 93.9 percent of tariff lines for products from Georgia.


Grenada's Inland Revenue Division has announced that a Tax Advisory Committee has been established.

According to the announcement, the Tax Advisory Committee is expected to "develop and encourage mutual cooperation between taxpayers and the Inland Revenue Division, and assist in streamlining administrative and procedural difficulties of a general nature."

The Committee will also provide input to the island's Ministry of Finance during the legislative process by studying and recommending changes to tax laws.


The European Council adopted a directive on the protection of the EU's financial interests (PIF Directive), which will apply to "serious" cases of VAT fraud.

The PIF directive is intended to strengthen the prosecution and sanctioning of crimes against EU finances, as well as to facilitate the return of illegally used EU funds.

The Directive contains general definitions of a number of crimes against the EU budget, including cases of fraud, active and passive corruption, misappropriation of fund.

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