K.A.C. Group combines in its structure:

  • Auditors
  • Lawyers
  • Experts-evaluators
  • Forensic experts in the field of economic expertise
  • Certified Tax Consultants
  • Certified specialists in asset management and securities trading.
  • Certified accounting practitioners according to the international standards CAP, ACCA
  • International lawyers

Most employees have experience in their professional specialization of fifteen years or more.

K.A.C. Group exists since 1997. In the same year the Company’s specialists released the first book “Business in Ukraine and abroad”.

For the third year of its existence “Kyiv Audit Service” was nominated in the Kyiv  Municipal Ranking of “Top 100 enterprises of Kyiv” in its category.

In 1999 the “Kyiv Audit Service” became one of the founders of the Association of free economic zones (FEZ) of Ukraine, served as a consultant of the CMU, Zaporizhzhia and Donetsk Regional State Administrations on the creation of FEZ of  finance type. In 2001 we participated in the implementation  of the large-scale investment projects in FEZ “Siwash” (Crimea). Prior to 2005, inclusive, K.A.C. Group was actively popularizing the Ukrainian FEZ and Zones of priority development at the numerous international conferences under the auspacies of the MFA of Ukraine, Adam Smith Institute, Nexia International and others.

Since 2004 the “Kyiv Audit Service” is constantly listed with the State Commission on Securities and Stock Market with the right to audit financial institutions.

In May 2013 based on the the Decision No. 271/8 the Audit Chamber of Ukraine confirmed the passing by the company of quality control.

Based on the results of the national statistical ranking of the National Business Rating 2015 the Company was listed in “Top 100” in auditing and tax consulting.

Our employees are the authors of books, collections of lectures and guidances relating to the issues of tax planning, intellectual property, freight forwarding activity, insurance, and often published in such editions as the “Business”", “Money”, “Contracts” magazines and “Comments”, “Business Capital” newspaper and many others.


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