It makes no sense to set forth the basic information on “what is it offshore and what one should do with it”, national entrepreneurs use the same in practice for more than twenty years. The term “offshore” refers not only to the classic offshore jurisdictions, but quazioffshore, low tax, international free economic zones. This can also include the countries where you can use the specifics of local laws to minimize tax costs. Our company maintains more than ten exclusive contracts with the major incorporators in their regions such as Cyprus, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, UK, the Caribbean countries, islands of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Over the past few years the international law, as well as the laws of many countries, including Ukraine, have substantially changed. Based on these changes we offer our clients the following services on registration of the non-resident companies:

  1. Registration of traditional offshore companies in any jurisdiction.
  2. Registration of companies in low tax jurisdictions: Switzerland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Malta.
  3. Registration of companies with the ability to minimize tax losses due to specifics of local laws: England, Estonia, Czech Republic, Austria, New Zealand, Montenegro.
  4. Registration of Scottish LP.
  5. Registration of Canadian Extra-Provincial Corporations.
  6. Registration of holdings, trusts, investment companies and funds.
  7. Registration of banks and insurance companies in the Caribbean, Pacific Islands and Guernsey and Jersey.
  8. Registration of shipping companies and ships in Panama, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Caribbean.
  9. Maintaining the status of “tax-free” US companies (Delaware, Wyoming).
  10. Registration of companies in the UAE. Offshore in Raselhaym Emirate, companies in the free economic zones.
  11. Companies in Southeast Asia: Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau.
  12. Buying companies with “legacy” of 5 years or more.

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