Investment nanny “: what you need to start and what is the main problem of the project

Опубликовано: 07.02.2020 tells what is now known about preparations for the launch of the “nanny” and why it will not be a panacea for the investment climate of Ukraine

By the end of February, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine should make proposals regarding the implementation of the Investment Nanny program. In any case, such a task was put before the government by President Vladimir Zelensky. In the meantime, as stated by Prime Minister of Ukraine Aleksey Goncharuk, Ukrainian companies have already approached the government with a request for such a manager. talks about what is needed to start the work of “investment nannies” and what is the main problem of project efficiency.

What is the main problem

On the one hand, providing an opportunity for a potential investor to make a deal with the Ukrainian government looks like a good opportunity. On the other hand, it should be understood that a number of factors form the country’s investment attractiveness, among which an important role is played by the level of protection of such investments, which depends on the functioning of the law enforcement and judicial systems, as well as economic growth rates, industrial innovations, labor productivity, a developed domestic market, and so on. further, KAC partner explains GROUP Vladimir Garkusha.

“The annual volume of foreign direct investment over the past five years does not exceed $ 2-3 billion. As for the economic growth rate, the Ukrainian economy is growing at 2-3% per year, while the global economy is growing at 3.7-3.9% “The growth of the economies of developing countries is on average 4.8-5%, and of individual countries – 8-10%,” he says. “In the report on the National Risk Assessment for 2019 in the first place as an explanation of the drop in direct investment in recent years indicated a high level of corruption. ”

Based on this, the expert emphasizes, it can be concluded that one of the conditions for the success of the Investment Nanny project is the parallel implementation of anti-corruption programs and the reform of the judicial system.

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