Actual for beneficiaries:

We have developed a set of measures for the legal legalization of financial instruments (international business companies and bank accounts) in the legislative field of Ukraine, where the important point is the interests of the beneficiary – a resident of Ukraine (who, in one way or another, is involved in financial instruments) in the context of BEPS, MLI and global exchange of information.

The main task that our customers have been solving together with us throughout all the years of our cooperation: how to build the optimal structure for managing / owning businesses from the point of view of security and tax optimization, was added by:

  1. Solving issues of legal legalization of a citizen of Ukraine as a beneficiary of businesses in Ukraine and abroad. Perhaps, given the fact that businesses did not appear today.
  2. Formation of the beneficiary’s income history.
  3. How to structure the business and the income from it for Ukrainian citizens – beneficiaries of non-resident companies in the future.

These issues are analyzed and solutions developed purely individually, based on the specifics of a particular case.

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