Actual Companies for International Business

In the export-import operations, as a rule, are actively involved trade partners– international business companies, which until recently were generally called “offshore” regardless of their tax and resident status.

With the active implementation of BEPS, MLI (anti-erosion of the tax base) information exchanges, companies have difficulties with opening bank accounts not only during the Due diligence (customer identification). The main thing is compliance with Compliance, and the main requirement is to link the company’s business to the country where the bank account is located. Also, do not forget that foreign companies – trading partners must comply with the requirements of Ukrainian legislation regarding currency regulation, TP (transfer pricing) and CFC (controlled foreign companies).

We offer a comprehensive product “an international business company and a bank account in one jurisdiction” as an option, the company account is opened in the Payment Banking System, registered in the country of registration of the company. The product is offered in full compliance with Compliance terms and accounting support.

We offer such jurisdictions: Estonia, Poland, Turkey, England, Switzerland.

These countries are not in “black lists”, they do not have high tax rates, as well as the double tax treaties with Ukraine.

The conditions and requirements for opening companies and especially accounts are changing. Therefore, if you are interested, send a request for current information to the current address:

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