Financial and economic consulting

Financial and economic consulting
In our daily work with clients we are not limited to narrow-profile services, we approach issues comprehensively in all aspects of their activities. For over twenty years, CAS Group has been able to accompany quite a few large projects on the organization and structuring of complex export-import contracts; buying and selling businesses; attracting foreign strategic investors and external financing; tax planning for both business entities and their beneficiaries. Taking into account the experience gained, the specialists of KAS Group offer services in areas that are not just specialized in, but which are currently in demand by customers:

Tax, financial and legal Due Diligence when investing.
For clients who plan to invest in a new business, in order to draw up an objective idea of the investment object, we conduct a comprehensive study of the object, identify and assess risks.
The basis of Due Diligence is a thorough audit and analysis (including legal) of internal documentation, tax and financial reporting, taking into account current practice, as well as in light of changes in the legislation of Ukraine, the EEC and the USA with regard to the disclosure of beneficiaries and sources of their income ( MLI, BEPS).
As a result of our work, the client receives not only a Conclusion on the object of purchase (investment), our specialists participate in negotiations with the client’s partners, justifying their position.

Support of transactions for the sale of objects (businesses).
In the case of the sale of its facilities or businesses, at the request of customers, CAS Group forms a group of specialists from among auditors, lawyers and expert evaluators who are essentially engaged in pre-sale ”business preparation, including“ value creation ”of the enterprise. Such work can begin from conducting an audit with the aim of possibly adjusting previously submitted reports and “optimizing” the balance of accounts payable and receivable to drawing up business plans and investment projects.

Expert review
KAS Group experts provide expert analysis of property, property, non-property rights, business and land on the basis of Certificate No. 16814/14 issued by the State Property Fund.

As a rule, for the customer an expert assessment is not the goal itself, but serves as a tool for carrying out various operations with assets. Such operations may include: Contributing additional assets to the authorized capital of an enterprise, making transactions for the purchase, sale and rental of property. Determination of the value of: collateral, intangible assets, assets of the company upon conclusion of insurance contracts, the amount of damage upon occurrence of insured events and other property disputes, assets when it is leased, leasing, trust management.
In accordance with the legislation of Ukraine, an expert assessment of property is mandatory:
When privatizing state enterprises.
When concluding state property lease agreements.
To determine the amount of damage in the event of an insured event.
With a property contribution to the authorized capital of the company being created.
When carrying out operations with land (relevant in the light of the lifting of the moratorium on the sale of agricultural land).
The qualifications of our specialists are confirmed by the corresponding certificates of the State Property Fund and the State Committee for Land Administration for the right to engage in appraisal activities, a general agreement of categories A, B, C has been concluded with the State Property Fund of Ukraine for the right to assess state property. The result of the work is a report that meets the Approved European Standards (ECO), recommendations of the Ukrainian Society of Appraisers (UEO), the State Property Fund of Ukraine (SPFU) and the State Committee for Land Resources of Ukraine and the current legislation of Ukraine.

Development of individual projects for structuring a business and optimizing tax payments.
KAS Group, not being a classical audit or law firm, applies the experience of its auditors and lawyers in resolving the most pressing issues of tax and corporate consulting at the junction of Ukrainian and foreign laws with the application of existing tax laws; international double tax treaties; international business companies; hidden opportunities of unresolved moments of the current legislation; own developments and practical experience of customers.
The result of our work in this direction: an optimally built corporate structure combining manufacturing businesses and assets in Ukraine and abroad.
Optimally arranged financial flows and points of “tax deductions”, calculated and justified in terms of tax legislation and international disclosure requirements.
We not only develop and implement projects for structuring a business in its Ukrainian and foreign parts, including taking into account the interests of the beneficiaries of these businesses, but also

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