Tax Advocacy

The advantage of the KAC Group in protecting clients in problematic matters with the tax authorities is that we include not only lawyers (they only have the right to participate in litigation), but also auditors – employees of the KAC Group, which significantly strengthens the position of clients.

Current customer support during the “critical” time.

Consultations on behavior during inspections by regulatory authorities. Assistance at the stage of verification, competent justification of the legal position in the framework of the criminal process for tax violations. Pre-conflict resolution of issues, appeal of decisions of tax authorities, unblocking accounts, lifting arrests. Work with authorities, obtaining the necessary clarifications, permits. Participation in resolving problematic issues with regulatory authorities, prosecution authorities and the police.

Representation in the courts.

Participation in litigations in administrative and economic courts of all instances in the regions of Ukraine. Protecting the interests of the client in tax court. Collection of problem debts, help with the return of funds.

Work with executive bodies of Ukraine:

Assistance in opening enforcement proceedings, terminating enforcement proceedings, collecting funds and property, protecting property from unlawful encroachment.


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