Tax and AML compliance.

Over more than twenty years of experience working with clients, CAS Group has developed an approach to work when not only specific tasks are solved, but work is being done to prevent and prevent possible negative consequences for the client. And specifically:

Tax compliance, which is designed to identify tax risks in advance and prevent the occurrence of situations with which they are associated. And if it is not possible to exclude such situations, assess the tax risk and reduce its level. Tax compliance solves the following tasks: fulfilling the formal requirements of the law, regulatory authorities, investors, business partners; providing legal protection against claims from regulators, mitigation of penalties; Improving the business image, increasing the confidence of inspectors.

Lawyers and auditors of KAC Group in the tax aspect carry out such compliance service:

– analysis and assessment of tax legislation in the field of the client’s business, monitoring of its changes;

– analysis of the business processes of the client’s enterprises and assessment of decisions made regarding compliance with tax laws;

– assessment of internal documents (including corporate accounting policies for tax purposes), analysis of their content, taking into account changes in the external legal environment;

– examination of the agreements concluded by the organization for the presence of conditions in them that allow an ambiguous interpretation of tax legislation;

– analysis of the tax burden and identification of the main directions of minimizing tax payments;

– tax planning in terms of structuring transactions and determining contractual policies;

– Formation of a database on controversial tax situations;

– identification of the degree of preparedness of the staff responsible for tax calculations.

AML compliance is carried out by certified experts of KAC Group in the field of financial monitoring, who also have international certification in the field of AML (Anti-Money Laundering). With the adoption of Law 2179 “On Prevention and Counteraction of the Legalization (Laundering) of Criminally Received Incomes ..” this service becomes especially relevant. It includes:

– analysis of the client’s situation and the reasons for the need to undergo the AML compliance procedure;

– analysis of documentation and financial statements, its comparison by dates, accounts, transactions;

– analysis of compliance with legal requirements in the field of financial monitoring at the enterprises of the client;

– identification of customer counterparties and determination of risk categories depending on the activities and information on counterparties;

– determination of business transactions and financial transactions of customers subject to mandatory financial monitoring;

– identification of unusual transactions and transactions, as well as possible fraudulent schemes that will subsequently be subjected to financial monitoring, prevention of such operations;

– if necessary: searching, requesting and restoring documentation that the client lacks, creating a detailed transaction report if requested by the regulator or the subject of primary financial monitoring, preparing employees for communication with them.


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