Registration and service of foreign companies

Registration of low-tax companies abroad

For more than twenty years in the K.A.C. market Group has registered thousands of companies around the world. Most of them were registered in low-tax jurisdictions, i.e. offshore zones. Many of them are now subject to restrictive measures through BEPS, MLI and CRS. But they can quite perform their local functions:

Classic offshores: “Reliable custodians” of corporate rights, stocks and other assets in Ukraine from the motivated actions of the SFS and regulatory authorities, from raider actions. Indispensable for registration of yachts and ships. A reliable part of the tandem for the confidential ownership of a bank account in an offshore bank. In such cases, we offer: Cyprus, Hong Kong, Malta, BVI, Belize, Caymans, Panama.
Companies with preferential taxation: Such companies are not a classic offshore company, but have the opportunity to legal way to reduce tax losses. They may well be used as international business companies in export-import operations.
For example, companies with legal form LP do not pay income tax (it is levied on their participants). We register such companies in Canada, England, Scotland, and Ireland.

Also K.A.C. Group is engaged in the registration of companies in countries where instead of income tax, its distributed part is taxed in the form of dividends (a similar introduction of tax on withdrawn capital is planned in Ukraine). There are three such countries with a zero tax rate in Europe – Estonia, Latvia, Georgia.

We offer our clients European jurisdictions with a low tax rate on profits (Switzerland, Hungary, Bulgaria), or with the possibility of compensating part of the tax paid (Malta).

Financial and managerial structures: First of all, we are talking about holdings for holding and managing assets in Ukraine and receiving passive income, the taxation procedure of which is regulated by the relevant Convention between Ukraine and, for example: the Netherlands, Switzerland, England, Malta. For the purpose of confidential investment, regulation of relations with business partners and inheritance planning, we offer foundations and trusts of Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Jersey, Cayman Islands. This service is quite specific, and customers can get more detailed information at the K.A.C. office. Group

Topical Trading Companies for International Business

In export-import operations, as a rule, trade partners are actively involved – international business companies, which until recently were generally called “offshore” regardless of their tax and resident status. With the active implementation of BEPS, MLI (anti-erosion of the tax base) plans and information exchanges, companies have difficulties opening bank accounts not only through Due diligence (customer identification). The main thing is compliance with Complianse, and the main requirement is to link the company’s business to the country where the bank account is located. We offer a comprehensive product “an international business company and a bank account in one jurisdiction” (with full compliance with Complianse conditions) for export-import operations in the following areas:

Northern Europe – Estonia, Central Europe – Poland, Southern Europe – Hungary, Africa and Asia – Turkey. These countries are not included in any “black lists”, they do not have high tax rates, as well as double tax treaties with Ukraine.

For foreign companies and their beneficiaries K.A.C. Group represents:

The provision of services of “individual” nominee shareholders and directors. The cost of the service includes a package of apostilled copies of documents: passports, bank statements, recommendations, confirmation of material status.
Transfer of companies from offshore to onshore zones, mergers in other jurisdictions. Recovery of liquidated companies
Accounting and auditing of European companies. Registration of European VAT (VAT, BTW, MOMS, TVA). Reporting on European VAT. LEI numbers. Accreditation at customs licensed warehouses in Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary.
Organization and creation of the history of “Substance” at the place of company reorganization, organization of representative offices in Europe with a real lease agreement, mail forwarding, reception and distribution of electronic messages, organization of websites. “Binding” of the beneficiary to this jurisdiction.
Lawyer and notarial services abroad. Consular certification and Apostille.
Opening of investment accounts in banks of Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Jersey, Guernsey, USA, UK, services “family office”.
Representation in foreign banks. Due Dilligance. Creating the necessary “history” of the client. Our lawyers including they work with archives of tax authorities, banks, administrative bodies, notaries collecting the necessary “case” for a client for a foreign bank. Customer support during the compliance procedure.
Outsourcing work with the bank. Maintaining the status of a company within the framework of compliance. Podgo

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