Corporate and Commercial Law

In the field of corporate law, KAC Group provides legal services to clients, including number on a subscription basis, at all stages starting from:

Business Organization:

– registration of legal entities of all forms of ownership and legal forms with the provision of a legal address and opening bank accounts;

– assistance in obtaining the necessary permits and licenses, coordination with state regulators;

– development of documents that necessary for the procedure for issuing securities and supporting the process of registration of the issue;

– when buying a business: legal examination of title documents for each asset, analysis of the corporate structure of the acquired business. KAC Group lawyers check contracts with counterparts, loan contracts, real estate objects for encumbrances, title documents for real estate and trademark documents.

Business support:

– judicial protection of corporate rights, representation of client interests in court cases on illegality of decisions of governing bodies of business companies, restoration of rights to corporate rights, as well as in other disputes related to corporate governance;

– mediation in the preparation of agreements between shareholders, support for the procedure for changing the composition of owners, material disputes;

– Corporate secretary service, anti-raider events.

Business reorganization and termination:

– support for the merger, spin-off, separation or other types of reorganization of the company;

– business restructuring in the face of insolvency;

– termination of companies, including through bankruptcy proceedings.

The main areas of KAC Group in the field of Commercial Law are as follows:

– participation in negotiations with counterparties and transaction support;

– selection of a contractual model of cooperation with client’s contractors, development of agreements (including international ones) taking into account all aspects;

– participation in the resolution of international commercial disputes, Arbitration;

– antitrust regulation and support of antitrust reviews and disputes, public procurement and appeal of their results.

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