Litigation and Pre-Trial Commercial Mediation

KAC Group specializes in corporate and tax consulting and we organize the business of clients in such a way that there are no disputed and problematic issues. But, the active (including competitive) business environment and the participation of regulatory authorities in business processes are the result of the active participation of KAC Group lawyers in litigations.

KAC Group’s main litigation services:

– assessment and forecast of the prospects for the case, the presence of risks and the possibility of resolving the dispute in pre-trial order;

– advising a client on matters of a court case, developing a strategy for his conduct and preparing documents of a procedural nature and evidence in the case;

– Representation of the interests of the client in the courts of economic, administrative, civil jurisdiction in all instances;

– organization of the necessary procedural actions in the judicial process, such as: filing motions, appeals, property support of claims, collection and provision of evidence, organization of conducting forensic examinations, etc .;

– appeal in the interests of the client of decisions in the appeal and cassation instances;

– legal support for the enforcement of court decisions by executive services.

Pre-trial commercial mediation.

Litigation was never the only possible way out of their conflict situation. Most often, negotiations before the court allow you to find consensus between the parties, thereby saving money, time and nerves. KAC Group lawyers have extensive practice in both pre-trial and intra-judicial mediation, and provide the following services:

– study and analysis of the conflict and the conditions under which it arose;

– legal assessment of the situation, risk assessment and the formation of a legal position in the case;

– development of a strategy, including the formation of goals, objectives and measures to resolve the conflict, the possibility of compromise;

– participation in negotiations with parties to the conflict;

– Preparation of a settlement, or claims and lawsuit, depending on the outcome of the negotiations.

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