Strengthening control over remittances

Опубликовано: 21.04.2020

Here it is, already approaching April 28 – the date of the entry into force of the new “anti-laundering” law and representatives of the financial intelligence service can begin to warm up the muscles, because innovations promise them an increase in activity this year.

But citizens need to understand the essence of the processes along with representatives of financial intelligence, if not more, because we are talking about monitoring the cash flows of all citizens, without exception. And today we will consider how control will be exercised directly over cash payments.

Starting April 28, new requirements are established for the list of information that must be submitted about the payer and recipient when transferring funds. In particular, when transferring funds without opening an account in the amount of more than 5,000 UAH, citizens will need to provide documents about themselves (passport), that is, pass identification.

In practice, this means that from April 28, for example, you will not be able to anonymously pay through the payment terminal for more than 5,000 UAH. or with the appropriate transfer through Western Union, you will also need to provide information about yourself and provide a passport.

In what cases is a passport not needed for operations?

– When transferring cash within Ukraine in the amount of up to 5 000 UAH.

– When paying for housing and communal services, paying taxes, fines and other obligatory payments and fees (regardless of the amount).

– When withdrawing funds from your own account.

– When transferring funds to pay for goods and services using a payment card (other means of payment) – if its number accompanies the transfer (regardless of the amount). Which is logical – after all, you go through the identification process when you receive such a card, and when making the appropriate transfer, the transfer data is already tied to your data.

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