Ukrainian Historical Notaphily 3

published: 09.05.2023

22. Vouchers for receiving 200 grams of bread per day. 1933 was the harshest year of the Holodomor in Ukraine.

23. Notice to the payer of Zemstvo taxes of Kyiv County about the amount and term of tax payment.

24. First-issue 500 hryvnias banknotes of the UPR, 1918. They were printed in Germany at the “Reichsdruckerei” printing house. People called them “Horpinkas”.

25. Exchange ticket, aka “Odessa ruble”. It was in circulation in Odessa from 1918 to 1920 during all 14 changes of state power.

26. Presentation 1000 hryvnias banknote with the image of the writer Panteleimon Kulish. A version with a portrait of the academician Vernadskyi was also approved.

27. Payment advice of military tax. 1945, Crimea.

28. Savings book. Russian Empire, 1917.

29. Karbovantsi during the times of the Ukrainian State. The author of the banknote design is the artist Heorhii Narbut.

30. Receipt issued in Zakarpattia during the times of the Czechoslovak Republic (until 1939). Written in Slovak and Ruthenian languages.

31. 5 rubles exchange ticket issued by the city council of Zhytomyr, 1918.

32. 1000 karbovantsi banknote signed by the director of the State Treasury, Kharyton Lebid-Yurchyk, author of the first draft of the state budget of Ukraine.

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