K.A.C. Group at Forbes AgriFood 2024

published: 25.02.2024

On February 15, the Forbes AgriFood 2024 conference was held in Kyiv, the main areas of focus of which were the identification of problem areas and prospects for the development of Ukrainian agricultural industry. The panel discussions regarding regulatory, financial, and logistical limitations of the industry’s development, as well as its investment prospects, proved to be the most interesting.

The conference featured more than thirty speakers for a large number of participants, among whom were representatives of K.A.C. Group.

The following topical issues were discussed:
– Ways and conditions of attracting financing by farmers, especially projects related to deep processing and EBRD grant opportunitities;
– Attracting investment capital and investment strategies during the war;
– Planning the succession of Ukrainian business to the next generation. Corporate solutions that can qualitatively balance this process and become a component of the “long strategy” of sustainable business.


Link to the event website

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