Quarantine extended until July 31. What are the new restrictions?

Опубликовано: 22.06.2020

Today the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers (No. 500) entered into force, prolonging the action of quarantine until July 31.

We focus on the basic nuances that you need to know.

What is banned for the period of quarantine:

stay in public buildings and structures, public transport without wearing personal protective equipment

– stay on the streets without identification documents confirming citizenship or special status

– visits to educational institutions in groups of more than 10 people, except for participation in the state final certification (for example, UPE will be held)

– holding mass events with the participation of more than one person per 5 square meters. meters of the area of ​​the building or territory where the event is held. The distance between people – at least 1.5 meters;

– activities of children’s institutions for recreation and recreation

– the implementation of passenger transportation of citizens, in an amount more than provided for seats in the vehicle

– visit to hospices, nursing homes, neuropsychiatric dispensaries

– planned hospitalization (except in cases where there is a significant risk to life or health, oncology, medical care. Assistance to pregnant women / women in labor / newborns, palliative care or in the region of the institution, the number of beds in hospitals of patients with coronavirus is less than 50%)

In addition, foreigners will be denied crossing the state border of Ukraine if they do not have an insurance policy for expenses associated with the treatment of COVID-19

The Decree also provides for the possibility of strengthening anti-epidemic measures at the regional level, which is carried out on the proposal of the chief state sanitary doctor of the region. The decision to strengthen anti-epidemic measures is taken by the regional commission on technogenic and environmental safety.

And in the event that an appropriate decision is made in the region, the following restrictions may be established:

holding mass (cultural, entertainment, sports, social, religious, advertising and other) events;

the activities of institutions providing accommodation services;

the implementation of regular and irregular passenger traffic in urban, suburban, intercity intraregional and interregional traffic;

transportation of passengers by subway;

visits to pre-school educational institutions;

the work of physical education and sports institutions, gyms, fitness centers, cultural institutions;

food service activities

And another interesting point is the task entrusted to local governments and administrations, together with business entities, to work out the issue of the possibility of introducing work schedules for enterprises / organizations for the quarantine period, providing for different start (end) times for their work. And it looks like an attempt to unload the transport system in such a way as to make it possible to maintain distance in passenger traffic.

Recall that for violation of the quarantine regime, liability is provided in the form of a fine of 17-51 thousand UAH for individuals. For legal entities (for example, for a transport company that will violate the norm for the permissible number of people in a vehicle) it ranges from 34 to 340 thousand UAH.

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