Tax Advocacy.

In the process of relations with the regulatory body, an important point is the prevention of possible negative consequences associated with inspections of a company.

K.A.C. Group provides full support for inspections from the moment of receiving the first notification to the resolution essentially as part of the working group that includes an auditor and a lawyer:

  • Setting up an accounting procedure, acceptance of inspectors at the enterprise, organization of employee training to communicate with inspectors, the first steps of securing evidence;
  • Development of a protection strategy in each particular case;
  • Participation in negotiations, correspondence, objections in the process of drawing up inspection reports;
  • Administrative appeal of decisions up to a judicial dispute.

Disputes with tax authorities on appealing against illegal decisions, claims, as well as illegal actions/inaction:

  • Appeal against decisions, requirements, actions/inaction of a tax authority in a judicial manner;
  • Representation of interests of taxpayers in courts of all instances on claims of fiscal service bodies, representation of interests in case of tax lien, including exemption of property from tax lien.

We remind you that in 2019, a step-by-step implementation of a monopoly of lawyers on representation in court of all types and instances was introduced.

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