Relocation of Business to Europe

In the conditions of martial law, domestic entrepreneurs (especially from the areas adjacent to territories where the hostilities are taking place) are forced to transfer production to the west of Ukraine or to Europe.

K.A.C. Group supports its clients under such circumstances and offers organization of enterprises in Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Turkey, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. This support begins with the registration of a local company and goes all the way to obtaining work permits for employees.

For those considering to relocate a business to Europe, K.A.C. Group offers:

  1. Consultations on choosing a country for relocation from the point of view of transport logistics, tax base, availability of production space, etc.
  2. Registration of enterprises in the country of relocation.
  3. Assistance in opening bank accounts.
  4. Obtaining local and European tax numbers.
  5. Obtaining permits for the production of various groups of goods.
  6. Full accounting, tax reporting and, if needed, audit support.
  7. Assistance in obtaining work permits for Ukrainian employees.
  8. Current consultations regarding local economic and tax legislation.

Each relocation project is developed individually, based on the needs and preferences of the client.

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